Lis Thomas Content changes name to Summary Content Marketing

Change is in the air for our small, yet mighty company! We are STOKED to announce to our friends, family and community that we have officially rebranded from Lis Thomas Content, to Summary Content Marketing. The heart of our company has been and will remain built around our passion to tell a great story. We’re dreamers, storytellers and adventurers, but we’re also achievers, believers and entrepreneurs. We believe as strongly in creativity and goodwill as we do productivity and results. Introducing, Summary Content Marketing. Our story is just getting started. To be continued.

Read the full press release below.


Change is in the air for Lis Thomas Content. Introducing Summary Content Marketing.

Bend, Oregon, October 12, 2017:  Local startup and digital marketing firm, Lis Thomas Content, LLC is relaunching its brand the week of October 15, 2017, with the new name and brand identity--Summary Content Marketing. The marketing boutique has been working diligently on revising its brand to be more reflective of the firm’s services, mission and passion over the past six months, and the team is thrilled to unveil a new logo, website and overall brand identity later this month.

When approaching the rebranding effort, founder and CEO, Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas, chose to bring on local branding experts, GB2 Agency--Georell Bracelin and Tenley Sutton--to work their magic in bringing the conceptualization and realization of Summary Content Marketing to life.

“The inspiration and work put forth by our whole team, in partnership with the wonderful women of GB2, led to the creation of our new brand identity. It’s simple, yet elegant, and our name is symbolic of who we are and the love we have for storytelling,” said Elisabeth Thomas.

As Summary Content Marketing relaunches in the Bend community, the firm hopes to establish itself as a content boutique that is built around the passion of superb storytelling. A close-knit team of experts who understand that words count, with confidence in the power of crazy-good conversation. Summary’s mission is to work with brands, agencies and individuals who are passionate about reaching the right audiences, and telling the best stories through their websites, blogs and social media.

Learn More About Summary Content Marketing below:

Summary is Story Love. We feel that your story is in your heart and it is derived from a desire to connect, to engage, to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to something that really matters. No matter what age you are or where in the world you’re from, everyone loves a good story. We want to tell yours! We are a small but mighty team of content strategists and digital marketing geeks.

We are driven by integrity, fueled with charisma and creativity, and we bring narratives to life with authenticity and purpose. How do we do this? By seeking out the root of your story, discovering your best audience or audiences, and telling that story from the ‘rooftops’ of the digital space. Think, website, blog, social media and digital advertising. We have an unyielding commitment to our clients--and ourselves--to see real meaning in everything we do. To wake up in the morning excited for what might happen. To work with people--and companies--we want to talk with and about. To laugh hard. To crack jokes that make everyone cry real tears. To walk arm-in-arm on create-your-own adventures. To be continued.


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