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Digital Marketing Trends Are Evolving: Here Are 4 Ways You Can Stay Relevant


Toby Nwazor

It’s not always easy to stay up to date with ever-evolving digital marketing trends, but here are four ways you can stay relevant in 2018

Facebook Will Let Brands Integrate Messenger With Their Websites

AD Week 

Marty Swant 

In case you didn’t know, brands can now integrate their website with Facebook messenger, allowing one more way to connect brands with users

10 Marketing Trends to Think About for 2018 

Huffington Post 

Ro (Rougeyar) Parry

As marketers, we know that the industry is always changing, and new trends will come and go. Here are with 10 marketing  trends to keep your eyes on for the coming year.

Facebook Tests a New Option Which Would Remove Page Posts from the Main News Feed

Social Media Today 

Andrew Hutchinson

Marketing is always changing. That’s why it’s paramount for us to stay up to date on the trends as they happen. Catch up with the trends with Social Media Today.  

Why Brand Storytelling Should Be The Foundation of a Growth Strategy 

Marketing Week 

Steve Hemsley

It’s all about a good story! Read more from Marketing Week about how good storytelling should be the foundation of your brand’s strategy.


Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018 

Content Marketing Institute 

Joe Pulizzi

Trends are always changing, especially when it comes to content marketing trends. Read more from the Content Marketing Institute to learn about what trends to watch out for in 2018.

The Basics of Branding 


John Williams 

Your brand is the foundation of your business. It’s what defines your company’s mission, and is what people perceive you to be. Entrepreneur shares insight to the basics behind branding. 

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6 Crazy Effective Growth Hacks for Your Next Content Marketing Campaign


Sam Oh 

Want an effective content marketing campaign that actually creates growth for your business? These 6 hacks will change how you approach the world of content.


6 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing

Fast Company 

Belle Beth Cooper

The dos and don’ts of social media in a 6 minute read. From headlines to the timing of your posts - social media can be a puzzle of tricks to coordinate. Fast Company shares top tips.

How This Entrepreneur's Runner Mentality Shaped Her Business


VIP Contributor

Let’s get real, running a business can be tough! This rad female entrepreneur candidly shares how her ‘runner mentality’ has helped her in business. 


24 Experts Share How to Avoid Big Mistakes in Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute 

Ann Gynn

Content Marketing comes with its trials and errors. Learn from the best and create seriously valuable content for you and your customers!


8 (More) Absolutely Brilliant Content Marketing Innovations From the World’s Best Brands

Content Marketing Institute

Neil Patel 

Learn from the best! Lessons on content marketing from the world’s best brands. Nike, Denny’s, Whole Foods and more share how to build a brand presence online with rock-star content.


Social Media Time Management: The Best-Kept Secrets Revealed for Curating, Creating and Promoting Hot Content

Huffington Post

Katie Lance

The best-kept secrets in social media time management are now at your fingertips. Learn how to curate, create and promote like a professional.


The Age of the Wisdom Worker Is (Still) Just Ahead

Content Marketing Institute 

Robert Rose

Today’s workplace needs more meaning makers, wisdom workers and storytellers! Read more about how content is more relevant than ever and how your business can benefit.